Like many professionals in the coatings business we use a variety of different paints depending on our clients choice for materials.

We are pleased to provide you with links to some of the products that we use.

On the web sites for the painting companies you will find some interesting tips, and color selection guides, as well as a tour of rooms of homes that you can interchange colors to see if you like them.

Pro Tech Coatings Specialists, Inc. is involved with many on-going, and upcoming projects. Even though we have work-in-progress, we always welcome more. Please contact us if you need a quote, bid, clarification, estimate, or any other service we offer. When you are ready to start your project contact us and we will be there.

Sherwin Williams - www.sherwin.com
Glidden or ICI Paints - www.glidden.com
Pittsburgh Paints - www.ppg.com
Porter Paints - www.porterpaints.com
Benjamin Moore - www.benjaminmoore.com

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